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Andrew. Ontario, Canada. 18. I like things. Boys suck but also suck am i right ladies?? Other things. Lots of the things. Probably you too, I'm probably in love with you. Oh and I also have no idea what I'm doing 89% of the time.



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Ghost Church {explored} by .monodrift on Flickr.


Ghost Church {explored} by .monodrift on Flickr.

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Anonymous sent: You have a pretty hot smolder in that picture. I don't know I feel like without the glasses you look like a bad boy, but with the glasses you look so cute. You have me torn. You are so unf!

omg lmfao well i am not a bad boy at all so thats cool i guess?? haha but thank you :))) this message was awesome 

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Anonymous sent: I don't know whether you look hotter with or without the glasses.

awh ahaha, thank you :))) i usually wear glasses, I don’t like contacts at all. 

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Magic | Coldplay

Coldplay - Magic 

I don’t want anybody else but you.

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